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Swimming Pool


The Barend indoor heated swimming pool is 33 feet in length and 16 feet in width,  The shallow end is 3 feet in depth and the deeper end is 4 feet (this is in compliance with recent Health & Safety regulations with regards to unmanned pools), the pool is generally kept to a temperature of around 28-30°C.




The swimming pool opens at 9.00am on week days and 10.00am on weekends.  

The last time to get in to swim is at 7.00pm (swipe card entry de-activates after 7.00pm) as the doors lock at 8.00pm,


If you book directly through BHV (we let nearly half of all the properties on site) you are guaranteed free access to the swimming pool and sauna, all we would require is a £5 returnable cash deposit for a swipe card giving you access to the pool facilities.


Some of the chalet owners who don’t let with us pay maintenance fees towards the upkeep of the pool, allowing people who rent their chalets to swim, and some owners do not contribute towards the pool maintenance meaning holiday makers staying in those properties do not have access to the pool or sauna.  We used to offer a 'pay to swim' scheme, allowing guests staying in these chalets to swim on a pay as you go basis to avoid disappointment, however as this scheme was being abused which is rather unfair to those owners who do pay towards the pool upkeep, this has now stopped.  

Any claims by privately rented chalets that you will be able to pay to use the pool at Reception even though they do not contribute towards maintenance are false and entry will not be allowed.  If you know that the chalet you have booked has not paid to use the pool, please do not ask us to pay and swim as this request will be denied.

If booking with anyone other than BHV it is a good idea to check if pool access is included to avoid disappointment.


Terms & Conditions

  • No person will be admitted to the pool complex unless that person has obtained a pool swipe card from Reception.
  • Pool swipe cards remain the property of Barend Holiday Village (BHV) and must be returned if requested.  Cards are not transferable.  Loss of a card must be reported to Reception immediately, and a replacement can be issued after another deposit is paid.  In the event you are unable to find the misplaced card you will forfeit the deposit.
  • The card must be returned on your departure or you will lose your deposit.
  • Due to the small size of the pool, use of items such as balls, lilos and other floatation devices are prohibited unless required to aid swimming.
  • CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 MUST BE SUPERVISED BY A RESPONSIBLE ADULT.  Said responsible adults who do not wish to swim can supervise from the viewing area.  The swimming pool complex is unmanned, and whilst there is CCTV surveillance, this can only be monitored loosely by Reception staff (during opening hours) and should not be considered to be constant supervision.  Reception staff endeavour to deal with any dangerous or antisocial behaviour witnessed, however as this is not always possible, parents and adult supervisors are required to limit any behaviour which may adversely affect the safety and enjoyment of other pool users.
  • Any person who behaves in a manner dangerous to themselves or others, in a manner likely to offend others or disrupts the orderly running of the swimming pool complex will have their access card taken from them.  Therefore, for either a period of suspension or for the full duration of the holiday, depending on the seriousness of the conduct, said person will be denied access to the pool complex.
  • Examples of unacceptable conduct or behaviour includes, but is not limited to; intoxication, fighting, or using any kind of threatening or insulting behaviour.  Entering or attempting to enter the changing facilities of the opposite sex, stealing or purposely damaging any article from the complex, allowing entry to anyone not entitled to use the facilities and refusing to comply with any reasonable request made by a member of staff.
  • BHV accepts no responsibility for any losses/thefts from the pool complex.

We appreciate that use of the pool is an important aspect of your holiday, however we do reserve the right to restrict access to the pool at peak holiday times when unrestricted use would, in our view, lead to overcrowding and consequent loss of enjoyment for all.







The sauna goes on automatically at 4.00pm daily; however it may be possible to have it turned on during your visit if you ask Reception staff (it takes around 20-30 minutes to get to temperature once turned on). 

No under 16’s are permitted in the sauna unless accompanied by a responsible adult. 

It is of the upmost importance that no water (especially pool water) is added to the coals in the sauna, despite warnings, this has been done several times and has resulted in hundreds of pounds worth of repairs and closure of the facilities until said repairs have been completed.  It is not a steam room! 

If you witness somebody doing this, please politely point out the various signs dotted around requesting that no water be added or alert a member of staff.

If you intend to use the sauna please be aware that there are medical conditions, which could make its use potentially dangerous, BHV accepts no responsibility if you use the sauna against medical advice.  There is a sauna safety guide included in the red ring binder in all BHV rented properties.

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